Frozen Director Now Apologizes to Parents for ‘Let It Go’


I still sing these songs because they are good.

Originally posted on TIME:

You’d think the woman behind the most successful animated film of all time would be thrilled that kids are still so enchanted by it more than a year later. But Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, says she now finds herself apologizing to parents whose kids are still obsessed with the film and its Oscar-winning song “Let It Go.”

“A year ago, I’d meet people who, when they found out who I was, they’d say, ‘Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time.’ Now they’re like, ‘Yep, we’re still listening to those songs,'” Lee told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve gone from, ‘Thank you,’ to, ‘Sorry!'”

The popular anthem was sung by Idina Menzel in the film and went on to be a worldwide hit, breaking the top ten in numerous charts including the Billboard Hot 100.



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I Now Interrupt Finals Week For a Short Story!

Bucky had reblogged something on my tumblr about how it would sound if someone wrote a short novel about them… So I told her “I’ll write something about you in detail…” So I sent her this:

She had just gotten out of work at 9 pm, tired beyond belief after what feels like smiling 8 hours straight to a mix of angry and docile customers. All she wanted to do was go home and crack open a beer and unwind from the day with her beloved, Alistair. As she was getting into her pastel green car, her spine snapped a bit. Slowly but surely, her body was returning into her homeostasis. She sighs as she pulls out of the parking spot to turn onto the main road of her quaint town, softly gripping the steering wheel with one hand while turning up the music with the other. “This time I might just disappear/ This time I might just dis/ This time I might just disappear/ This time I might just dis.” blared into her ears as she drifted into autopilot. The first thought that came to mind was when her friend asked her to call and the ringtone was set to this song. The memory made her lips turn upward into a relaxed, and genuine smile—a first in the past few hours that accentuated the indentation in her chin.

In no time, she was shuffling through the garage, and looking up to see a darkened family room with a note on the counter. “Hey hon, your dad and I turned in early, there’s some pizza in the fridge. Don’t stay up too late and I love you! –Mom <3” As she was walking into her room with the pizza box balancing her beer, she began to shed her layers of the day. Down coat, kicking off shoes, and unbuttoning her work shirt. It was then that she felt calm and began to unwind while her xbox glowed green, making her already bright green eyes shine even brighter as Alistair appeared on her tv screen.

And her text says it all!


Well Fuck… Every State!

based on my deep analysis of the title because fuck reading into things since the world is going to hell in a handbasket, I can’t believe that this happened to my home state.

Damnit Pat Quinn, don’t sign this into IL. Police brutality should be filmed, despite the cost. It’s better to lose money than life at this point…

This Dog Comforting Another Dog Having a Bad Dream Will Warm Your Cold Heart

Originally posted on TIME:

When Jackson the Double Doodle (that is: half Goldendoodle, half Labradoodle) was having some kind of night terror, his best dog friend, Laika the Goldendoodle (that is: half golden retriever, half poodle — if you’re losing track of the doodles here, don’t worry because it’s really not crucial) quickly came to the rescue.

Laika quickly hops up on the couch to check on Jackson, and then cuddles him hard to help chase his fears away. If this doesn’t warm your heart, absolutely nothing will.

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The U-Haul…?

I’m not one for stereotyping people of the LGBTQIA community… But tonight just made me feel so weird about the date with Shellbelle.

Me: I saw your post on tumblr about 420. Lol bring a joint next wk?
Her: I don’t know how to roll a joint, but if you have any we can try it out. Or smoke from my bowl. Oh. One thing though… If my mom is home and if she wants to meet you, I’m telling her I met you at school. She probably would like to meet you and talk about your home town since she’s from there too.

And that’s when I was like “What?” How did we get from 420 to her wanting me to meet her mom? And that’s when it hit me. This totally has to be a mini u-Haul moment. I never dreamed of being in one. Nor did I think I would have met someone whose faster than me in that sense. And it makes me think… “Does this mean she wants to have sex like on the fucking first date?” “Is this how I used to come off as?” “What?” I just don’t know what the hell happened.


But in the end I said; “well, it’s ultimately your decision if you want me to meet your mom: if she wants to meet me too. I’m cool either way, and I can say I went to your school and say that’s where we met. It’s not that big of a deal.”

But me- not the stressed out me- always had a problem with that. So I guess I’ll find out how this all goes down next week… I know for a fact she’s pretty hot, and apparently wants to get laid (which I’m all for that, but with someone I have more… Substance with), so what else is really stopping me/ giving me this uneasy feeling now?

The Wonders of Stress

So I have tried really hard not to stress too much about finals. And it’s actually easier than what I’ve expected… I’ve took up running again (ran 4 miles this week, and only blew my knee out once, and fell once for my ankle)! Not only that, but I’ve become gutsy. Apart from asking Ann to have dinner, and going out with Jenn on Sunday for drinks for our anniversary (which if I know anything about her and drinks, it’s that she gets very touchy so I don’t know if I want to go down that route with her), there’s a potential sleepover with Gretchen and Bucky the following weekend, and now another date with a girl (let’s call her Shellbelle) I met on tumblr whom I befriended on facebook and casually asked out for coffee while I was studying today for sometime next week, and she said yes.

Holy fucking shit. Do I have game when I’m stressed?!

I should stress myself more often. Maybe I might get lucky shortly before having a blood clot or aneurysm.

Hello Kitty Exhibit to Open in L.A.


I think I found heaven…

Originally posted on TIME:

Hello Kitty lovers, grab a writing implement from your Hello Kitty pencil case, and mark your calendars. The first large-scale exhibition of objects from the Sanrio archives and original art inspired by the iconic character opens Oct. 11 at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in Los Angeles. The show, pegged to the 40th anniversary of the brand, will run through April 26, 2015.

The art on display ranges from a sculpture of the character covered in desserts, illustrating her reputation for being sweet, to “Kittypatra,” a sculpture of Hello Kitty as Cleopatra that’s reminiscent of cats’ religious significance in ancient Egypt (but, remember, she’s a girl, not a cat). Jamie Rivadeneira, one of the exhibit’s curators and owner of Japan LA, a boutique that sells Japanese pop culture merchandise, argues there are endless ways for artists to depict Hello Kitty because “she’s a blank canvas. She doesn’t have…

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