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Erotica #15

Yes, I realize it’s been well over a year since I last wrote an erotica, but I was finally struck with inspiration by Caro, whom I’m dedicating this post to!

Oh my god… I’m your biggest fan, she thought to herself… No, that sounds so cliché… I’d never make a lasting impression.

25-year-old Macy was on her way to get her Xena chakram imitation she made in welding class years ago… She was planning on meeting the infamous Lucy Lawless at the Supanova expo that she traveled half the world to go to… And she wasn’t going to turn back

Seeing you on tv while I was growing up, made me a lesbian… nooo… that would make me sound like the rest of the lesbian population who wasn’t fully converted from The L Word.

Macy finally made it to the signing area, or at least she think she did. She remembered back in the day when she fought crowds of people and jumped from table to table and over people with her former friend riding her back, just to catch Vic Mignogna to give him a handmade picture and to take a picture before he got into his limo and drive away.  Now here she was, in another country and being the ruthless celebrity hunter she was… THUD!

Fucking Hell! I’m so sorry, I’m just late. Are you okay?” said the stern female voice looming above Macy.

OW! Learn how to walk you… oh my god...” Macy said once she realized who practically plowed her into the ground… it was Lawless in the flesh in some jeans and a cranberry cardigan. “Mrs. Lawless… I’m sorry for raising my voice at you… I-I-

Don’t worry about it, I’m at fault. I’m running late to the signing that you are probably looking for.” Lucy said as she helped Macy up. “I feel really bad for having to run off and save the day like old times, but I’m very late. Could you possibly come with me to hang in the back, then once the signing is over I promise to make it worth your while by hanging out before the VIP party at 8.

“I would be honored.” Macy said as she started after Lucy towards the curtains where there were all her fans chanting her name as if it would make the seconds of her crossing the foyer come any faster. “Here’s my number incase we get separated by the fans.” She handed Lucy her business card to see if 3 years of law school would impress her.

“A lawyer huh? I may need you even longer then,” and then Lucy opened the curtains with her loud battle cry that made Macy’s nipples harder than steel.

After 2 hours of signing, Lucy threw the curtains back. By that time, Macy’s ankle had swollen up while her shoulder hurt to move and she was sitting on the floor. Before the pain became unbearable to stay conscious through, Lucy picked Macy up and carried her off. By the time Macy came to, she was in a huge hotel room and she saw the clock… 12:50 pm.

I was supposed to be at the after party! Wait… where am I? Macy thought to herself. She saw the cranberry cardigan Lucy was wearing, on the chair and a whole mess of clothes- her clothes to be exact. I couldn’t… Could I be in her hotel room? Macy thought as she heard the water go off in the bathroom. Macy pretended to be asleep but, her heart was pounding so hard that she thought it could have caused an earthquake in the hotel.

Nice try, but you can’t fool an actress that’s been in the biz with that acting,” said Lucy as she unwrapped her super tangled light brown hair from the towel. Macy looked up and her breath was caught up… there stood Lucy in a white silk bathrobe that hung on every inch of her body- including her pointy nipples that didn’t look a day older than what she accidentally showed while singing the national anthem in a small corset… “Can I get you anything?

“I-Uhhhh- Where are we? I mean! Am I imposing? We are supposed to be at the VIP party,” Macy stuttered. She was realizing how foolish she was to be thinking about a party when she was alone with the most beautiful woman on the Earth next to Tina Fey.

“I went to the party, but I got a little worried that you would wake up panicking about being somewhere unknown, so I left a little early and came back. But when I did, you were sleeping and drooling,” Lucy said with a smirk on her face.

Oh my god… did she just… smiled at me? I must be dreaming… otherwise this is probably thee best moment in my life next to meeting the perfect girl and making her my best friend years ago in undergrad. Macy thought. Next thing both women knew was that the room was getting tense.

“I haven’t done anything like this since Renee and I practiced kissing for a week in a hotel room… we ended up rewriting some scenes in Xena on our own that week.” Lucy said while she made her way over to the bed. She slowly moved her hand down from the top of Macy’s thigh to her ankle, which only made her become aroused. Macy was clearly aroused judging from her nipples hardening under her spandex workout bra. She thought it was crazy how her life leads her into the strangest situations. First she was cornered by her childhood tormentor online and was hit on by her 10 years after being bullied by her, or the time her teacher pushed her too far and she told her that she had it with her shit and was the victim of her teacher’s ballistic reaction… Yup that’s Macy’s life.

“So what you’re saying is… you haven’t touched a woman sensually since the shot with Renee O’Connor?“Macy said while thinking that she might have interpreted Lucy wrong. She was married after all with 3 kids, so one should think that nothing is going to come out of it…

Right. I found you adorable when you were on the floor and sleeping. It’s been driving me mad all night.” Lucy said before climbing over Macy while releasing her hold on her loose bathrobe. Macy looked down and saw Lucy’s hard and perky nipples aimed right at her torso. She couldn’t believe that she was on the verge of making out or having sex with one of her childhood icons and role models.

Macy slid her hands up and pushed away her robe to expose Lucy’s hot flesh that she only daydreamed about most of her childhood from 95-01. Lucy bent down and gently laid her perfect lips on Macy’s lips and then kissed her deeply while softly rocking her hips on Macy’s sex. Macy was so turned on even through her maroon satin underwear(the same ones she deemed to be her lucky ones when it helped her score a few drinks with a few older friends that led to other things), and she started getting warm and wet. Macy’s ankle wasn’t fully healed, so she couldn’t really toss Lucy onto her back and go down on her, so for now she let the infamous warrior princess control her body.

Mhmmm… You taste so innocent, I just want to screw both of our minds.” Lucy said as she started moving downwards to Macy’s bra to unhinge, exposing her painfully hard caramel colored nipples. “I see you’re in a wreck… Maybe I can help fix you?” And then Lucy just slid down and put her warm mouth over Macy’s left nipple and flicked it with her tongue while pinching her other nipple. She was sent into a frenzy with all her nerves directing all her feeling to her nipples to feel the pressure. The pressure ended up building elsewhere too, and before long, Macy let out a giant moan.

Lucy… ahhhh~ S..S..sorry to be so forward, but I..I want you inside of me…” Macy said while she quivered under Lucy’s touch. She just looked up from her tits with the most seductive look on her face before it curved up into a lust filled smile



Moments later Lucy hand pulled Macy’s underwear and spread her legs open. The only thought going through Macy’s mind was if she had shaved and if she did… was it cute enough for Lucy? But it didn’t matter since she felt Lucy’s breath on her… her tongue had started to invade her folds, and then she found Macy’s clit.

AHHHHHH! Oh god…” Macy screamed. She never thought she would ever see this come about… thee Lucy Lawless was eating her out, and she was good at it and loved every moment.

You taste so good, like the fresh streams of water in New Zealand…” Lucy said. At this point Macy had felt the cool air from her words gently hitting her hot wet mess of a cunt. “Do you want to try something…? I feel bad for only taking and not giving you anything,” as she sat up, ignoring the pain in her shoulder. She didn’t want to overexert herself but she thought ‘when will I ever get another chance like this again?’

No need- I’m already getting hot and bothered from tasting you.” Lucy said as she scooted up and then took Macy’s hand and guided her into her dark curls that was glistening with her own juices. ‘WOW! I turned Lucy Lawless on!’ Macy gaped internally. She felt her lips part as she slid her fingers into Lucy’s curls and into her effortlessly due it being so slippery. Lucy started rocking her hips on Macy’s hand. After moments, Lucy threw her head back and moaned in pure satisfaction. She was closing in on her fingers, so she must have started to orgasm. At that moment, Lucy pushes Macy down and starts to get into the 69 position.

I want to taste you one more time before falling asleep in your arms,” Lucy said. At that point, Macy had fallen in love with her more so for her gentle and caring nature on-screen and off. And so they were in the final stretch… Lucy parting Macy, and vice versa… they both began to vigorously make their way deeper into each other’s curls and folds. It was 10 minutes later and a couple of orgasms later, and Lucy came back up and kissed Macy goodnight before wrapping her in her arms to go to sleep.

Meet the Guy Who Took the Most Famous Desktop Photo of All Time

Originally posted on TIME:

Microsoft finally killed off support for Windows XP this week, but the company decided to wax nostalgic about one of the most memorable parts of the operating system—that serene, hilly landscape that serves as the default XP desktop background.

In a video released on the day the tech company officially ended support for the 13-year-old software, Microsoft interviewed the man who took the photograph, called “Bliss.” Charles O’Rear, a former National Geographic photographer, said he was driving through Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco, when he decided to stop and snap a photo of the idyllic countryside (on an old-school film camera, no less) in 1996. A few years later, Microsoft commissioned the photo for Windows XP. It was a stark departure from the typical abstract designs or monochrome color schemes that are typically used on desktop backgrounds. O’Rear said the company flew him to their offices to deliver…

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Day of Silence

Today was Day of Silence. This is a day every year that people who are part of or in support of LGBTQ communities stay silent the whole day to show society the oppressed voices they lost.

Today, I did a march across our very religious campus with the GSA, the former president, Nicole, and 3 of her other students. After we all went our separate ways, minus Nicole since I had to give her a ride to the train station, I felt so defeated.

Nicole: I think that was a great success!
Me: I think so too…

In reality, I was thinking that I can’t pull off shit so it was a huge fail on my end…I’ll share some insight that Jewel and I had in the car… Because I feel insecure about anything I do now, mainly because Dr. Rabbit fucked me over by using me. But I digress…

Since I go to a catholic school, it’s said to not accept gays because of the bible. Well… here’s something very controversial. ENJOY!


Total Eclipse of the Heart

“Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart
There’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there’s only love in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart”

I wish that I had another song that I could describe the feeling I’ve been having when it comes to Dr. Rabbit, but sadly I cannot think of another song. I not only feel like she had used me like a cheap $15 vibrator, but disposed of me when she found a new muse- A deluxe $150 Lelo ultra vibe (also known as traveling and dating). After everything, I’ve noticed myself unable to control my emotions since she had started messaging me again. I’ve been having panic attacks on a constant basis. It’s gotten to the point that I’m considering seeing a psychologist- which is a rarity for me to even consider ever going to a doctor. The only downside, I can’t go to one since my mom thinks of mind over matter. Instead, I’ve been chatting with Nicole and Jewel about Rabbit’s impact on me…

Nicole: I was told that she will use and manipulate people for her own gain, but I refused to believe so since she was my friend at the time. Years later, they were right and I see that she did the same exploitation on you. She must have seen your feelings towards her, and played them up till she knew she could depend on you to do her dirty work. 

Jewel: Dude, that’s fucked up. You realize that she was using you right? That she’s even more sick considering that she thought she was bonding with you and developed a trust in a situation where she was already manipulating you…

But all I can think of now?
Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart
There’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart…

I was falling in love with her, and she made sure of it with giving a minor alcohol, and sharing food when going out, and drinking at a party with me… and now to falling apart with constant panic attacks and because she affected me so? I feel like there’s nothing I can do. And from there I just think that I lost a part of myself that I don’t think I’ll ever get back and that’s the total eclipse of the heart.