Back At Home

It’s been officially 4 weeks since I’ve been in my room. 4 weeks since I’ve laid in my bed, or saw tv or even had fast internet connection. I come home to: my dog being close with my mom, the mailbox overflowing with mail for a week or more, an empty kitchen, and my mom getting a new car.

It’s also strange to be home while still talking to the girl from tindr… I should give her a name… Brooklyn. Soo… I’ve literally had her in my mind all day. I’ve literally thought about cuddling while watching netflix, and having a glass of wine and feeling tipsy to the point of just slightly wanting to fall asleep in each others arms.

But yet we still have yet to go on that date. The one I’m practically crazy about for happening. First real date with someone who likes me, and not in the friend sense… if things do go well… then what? So lost on relationship stuff.

What Makes You ‘Click’ With Someone Else?


This explains so much…

Originally posted on TIME:

You can’t put your finger on it.

You may not have anything in common.

On paper it might seem you’d never be friends.

But you just… “click.”

How does that work? Personally, I’m not one for flighty explanations like simpatico, serendipity, or soulmates.

In Click: The Magic of Instant Connections Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman (authors of the interesting book Sway: The Irresistable Pull of Irrational Behavior) explore these phenomena and give some solid insights.

They discuss a number of the more obvious causes of connection like proximity and similarity but what struck me most was their emphasis on vulnerability.

Via Click: The Magic of Instant Connections:

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable helps the other person to trust you, precisely because you are putting yourself at emotional, psychological, or physical risk. Other people tend to react by being more open and vulnerable themselves. The fact that…

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2 weeks later

Well, it’s official. I’m finally too busy for blogs. I’ve stopped tumblr-ing a lot, and I almost completely stopped on here. The only consistent social network I have going for me, is facebook. Which even then has gone to shit…

Update: Law school has been kicking my ass… Especially my property law class. Stopped talking to Bucky, Dr. Rabbit, and Caro within the first 2 days of school starting. Why? To liberate myself, and to get away from people who don’t have the same goals or in the same point in life as I am… It was kind of liberating to be free and focus on myself. Too bad that didn’t last long… I decided to use tindr to get to know people in the area.

And I met a girl who for the record makes me feel more than just that ticklish feeling of moths- or the pretty ones flutter like awkward flying turtles inside of me. Given, that it’s only been a week since we started chatting on tindr, we exchanged numbers and even added each other on Facebook. If anyone knows me, it’s that I don’t trust anyone to give my number to just anyone. So why is she the exception? It all started out with talking about school. We both are 21, and also in grad school. Given, I’m in law school, she’s currently getting her doctorate in pharmacy. From there, we talked about a Garth Brooks concert back in Chicago that she was going to. From there, it was Maze Runner… and that’s when I asked her if she wanted to go see it. I was somewhat serious, but also shy because I kind of saw us actually going out.

“So… What happened?”you may be thinking….

Well, it was there that she asked for my number and since then we’ve been chatting. It’s a full week that we have been talking tonight. I’ve learned that she’s amazing in math, very outgoing, somewhat nerdy, extremely shy, never been out with anyone or knows how to flirt, and that she needs me to know that she likes me a lot. When she said that last night, I thought “That’s very definitive language… Need…” So I thought about that until 3 am when I fell asleep. I woke up hours later for class still thinking “Need… and I haven’t been able to get my mind off of her in the past 120 hours. Maybe that need is already fulfilled?”

Our date is on the 27th… so 10 more days. Can I survive solely on texting her while slowly falling for every new detail about her? I really can’t wait… yet I’m nervous about hurting her since not only am I her first date with a girl. I’m her first date in general and basically a mentor into the gay world. So I really don’t want to fuck it up and end up hurting her, and also not making myself vulnerable to being hurt too.

Did I mention that property class will be the death of me?

What’s this?

I am away from wordpress for a month and a half and everything has changed. 

Anyway, life is hectic. Today is the last day I have to myself before becoming a full fledged law student since class is at 9am tomorrow morning. I also live in grand rapids now… And this is the first time I am away from my family, and it’s hard on them, me, and even my dog whose apparently been crying…

Those tear stains break my heart...

My mom sent this to me… Those tear stains break my heart…

Things have changed a lot… Caro for one thing, changed from being the shy bisexual girl to a very open bi girl looking for another body building girl… Which that’s definitely not me, despite my weight loss of 25 pounds since the last time I wrote. And I’ve come to terms that we’ll just be really good friends despite having a lot in common, and finding her somewhat attractive (i say that because I’m not into the bodybuilder type).

There was a girl at the bank back at home that I finally decided to come out to, and also called her cute- Let’s call her Bucky (since he favorite actor is Sebastian Stan from Captain America 2). Sadly, she seemed interested in going out for coffee this week… But there’s a problem… I’m about 3 hours away (180 miles as another estimate). So here I am, living in a place that I know nothing or anyone in when I have a potential future girl back at home who is losing interest, and fast. 

Don’t you just love how life fucks with you? I have been telling Nicole how I got the cute girl’s number at the bank since May… And yet I was too shy to talk to her until the week before I left, and decided to chase after Caro, whom I had a feeling was unattainable since I first developed a small attraction to her back in February. So I guess I really screwed up there. But at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t start any relationships because I’ll need all the time and devotion I have to studies and not someone else. 

Sigh… I sometimes hate prioritizing things correctly.


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Contracts I




Stare decis- development of body of law from judicial decisions.

Uniform laws- laws that are adopted as the same throughout jurisdictions.

Uniform Commercial Code- a comprehensive code dealing with issues central to commercial law.

Article 1 of the UCC- general article dealing with basic concepts and definitions.

Goods, as defined in section 2-105(1) as follows: Goods mean all things (including specifically manufactured goods) which are movable at the time of identification to the contract of for sale other than the money in which the price is to be paid, investment securities and things in action. Goods also includes the unborn young of animals and growing crops and other identified things attached to realty as described in the section of goods to be severed from realty (section 2-207).

Things in action- intangible property, such as insurance policies.

The definition of goods refers to personal property

Not included…

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You Can Sleep in Ikea for a Night Thanks to Airbnb

Originally posted on TIME:

Ever dream of sleeping on an Ikea bed without having to go through all the hassle of actually piecing it together? Now you can.

Airbnb and Ikea have partnered to allow a group of Australians to sleep in the Scandinavian furniture store for one night only on August 21 in Sydney for a mere 11 Australian dollars.

Participants must sign a waiver acknowledging that they will “be awoken in the morning in a remarkable way,” according to Mashable. The store goes on to reassure the guests, “Nothing frightening — we promise!”


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