Hello, Simpsons World. Goodbye, the Rest of Your Life.

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Years ago, when I named The Simpsonsthe best TV show of the 20th century for TIME magazine, one of the reasons that I gave was its depth; it had a vast canvas and dozens, nay hundreds, of characters well-drawn enough to potentially carry a story. It “created worlds within worlds,” I wrote–and this October, it’s going to become a world.

Simpsons World, to be exact: the digital platform, unveiled for TV reporters in Los Angeles yesterday, that FXX network will use to take maximum advantage of acquiring the entire 25-season run of The Simpsons. Accessible on the web and through apps (you also need service from a participating cable provider), it will allow you to watch any Simpsons episode you want, any time.

So there are several years of your life gone right there. But there’s more. You’ll be able to search for episodes by themes…

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38 Cases Down… 28 More to Go.

Well, as of 9:30 pm yesterday, I had finished my first law school exam. It was absolutely crazy intense. The teacher had said that there are services for us afterwards if we were stressed and needed to see a counselor… I had thought she was joking. How wrong I was. I literally walked out of the testing room feeling so defeated while on the verge of tears.

I ended up coming home, dropping my backpack with my laptop on the ground (not a smart move…) and cried in my mom’s arms.

Needless to say, I’m going to spend all night studying.

A Deeper Side

Despite that it’s 1 am, with a glass of wine that had lasted me roughly about 4 hours, a final looming over my head in 16 hours, and that I have access to the internet, my itunes, and netflix… I still have yet to get Caro outta my damn mind. (Maybe to come out and tell her or send her this? Alcohol must be talking.)

But I had a thought before the wine hit… What have I become? I’ve based my writing off of obsessions like Sally, Dr. Rabbit, Shawn, more Dr. Rabbit and now Caro in the span of 2 years. Sure, I’ll always say something about Caro now but what happens when I do come out and tell her how I feel and she realizes that it’s not worth having someone always liking you texting you when you have no obligation to see them ever again, and so you stop. Will I be devastated? Maybe. Will I meet someone new and start to fixate over them? I hope not- I’m tired of the merry-go-round of emotions, and actually want to settle into a relationship…

So why do we do this to ourselves? Fall in love (or develop deep meaningful crushes), I mean. All it really does is give the illusion of a happy ending, lust filled or attraction charged, scenario that was heavily influenced by Disney, Hollywood sources, or even back in ancient philosophy with Plato’s Symposium with the infamous quote:

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”  -Plato’s Symposium

What makes the connection between two (or more if polyamory is up your alley) people something we really feel the need to strive for? Sure, I’m a total hopeless romantic… but why? Do we naturally come out of the womb with an innate desire to cuddle with someone, watch feminist movies or The L Word on a marathon mode?

Some can argue that it’s biology and our innate need to reproduce and and create life, but then that doesn’t explain homosexuality since its just sex and not reproduction. It could be that psychologically we have the need to feel desired so our brain is tricked into releasing chemicals to make us feel elated…

I could go on forever since theres seemingly too many explanations…

66 Cases on the Wall

Take one down… and synthesize them all. I must have 66 cases memorized for tomorrow and Wednesday.

In 15 hours I will be in the city preparing to take my first final as a law student. And what have I been doing in lieu of it? Reading my eyes off, talking to Caro (not as much as usual), talking my feelings about her to Kris of how I’m so lost about how Caro feels about me from the other day, and being constantly on tumblr (since I got rid of Facebook-cold turkey). Kris had  asked me what I told Caro, and I told her about how I was explaining Jenn groping me with dragon puppets, and then how Caro said that’s TMI and slightly scolded me for being too open. Kris said: “Dude, that’s not what you tell a chick you’re trying to reel in… I don’t care since we are friends, but this girl likes you. The more ex stories you tell, the more she feels like she’ll have to add up to them.” That’s when it finally hit me. So I’ve been feeling like a bigger ass since Wednesday…

That’s one case down… Many more to go…

So since this is my blog,  and I’m tipsy and I control most of the direction it goes to… I’ll go over some stuff for US Legal System to help study…
Law is divided into 4 main categories
-international v. municipal
-civil v. common
-public v. private
-substantive v. Adjective/procedural.

The old forms of action are: Replevin, detinue, debt, covenant, trespass/on case, trover, and ejectment, general/special assumpsit.

Modern law derives from the common law in England…

Loss of consortium basically when one person sues over the loss of services/ companionship of another (started with only husbands to wives, then vice versa, then kids to parents, but hypo is social worker to child)

The Doctrine of Stare Decisis is not only a bitch, but directs court to look at precedent when making rulings.

Ratio Decidendi is the rationale of a case (for example: I run a red light, go to court, the judge starts talking about when others who had done the same thing I did, killed people therefore I should be punished in hopes of deterring future crimes from myself and from others. That rationale was the ratio decidendi).

Privity of contract is basically the relationship of people entering into a contract and ability to sue each other.

Strict liability is the breach of not making something completely safe.

There’s more but I should probably go to bed.

13 Days Past.

Well, as of 13 days ago, I’ve turned 21. Sure it’s been nice to have the thought in mind that now I can finally go out with my friends since all of them were over 21 when I met them, but honestly… the hype of alcohol is gone now. 

6 years of waiting for my 21st, and its just “eh.” 

What a total let down right? But in defense of why I feel this way, I’ve been in school this whole time and haven’t be able to properly celebrate.

I guess after finals, I’ll find out what it’s like to drink while going out. Till then… I’ll have my glass of wine in my room- which is kind of funny that I moved up from sips to glasses since I can buy my own wine instead of begging people to buy me stuff now. 


Summer ’14: 10 Native Foods Cafe (Chicago)

I’ve decided to just review everything (in all honesty, it was Caro’s idea to review the place…)

So I’ve gotten food at Native twice already, and I can attest that the Gold Rush Ciabatta is my favorite this far. With the sautéd apples, mango tofu, and raisins on some whole grain bread was delicious.

I recommend it over the twister wrap, with the tofu and kale-tomato-onion mix wrapped in what is essentially a tortilla .

Bon appetite~