You Can Sleep in Ikea for a Night Thanks to Airbnb

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Ever dream of sleeping on an Ikea bed without having to go through all the hassle of actually piecing it together? Now you can.

Airbnb and Ikea have partnered to allow a group of Australians to sleep in the Scandinavian furniture store for one night only on August 21 in Sydney for a mere 11 Australian dollars.

Participants must sign a waiver acknowledging that they will “be awoken in the morning in a remarkable way,” according to Mashable. The store goes on to reassure the guests, “Nothing frightening — we promise!”


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You Asked: Is Coffee Bad For You?

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“I gave up coffee” is a refrain of the health conscious. But should it be? The idea that coffee is a dangerous, addictive stimulant springs mostly from 1970s- and 1980s-era studies that tied the drink to higher rates of cancer and heart disease, explains Dr. Rob van Dam, a disease and nutrition expert at Harvard School of Public Health who has examined coffee and its health effects. According to van Dam, that old research didn’t do a great job of adjusting for a person’s cigarette habit or other unhealthy behaviors.

But newer, better-designed research paints a more benign picture of your favorite eye-opener. Van Dam and his colleagues analyzed health and diet data on roughly 130,000 adults spanning 24 years. They found no evidence that drinking coffee increases your risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, or other causes. That was true even for people who knocked back 48-ounces of…

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21 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Play with her hair while the two of you are watching TV. It doesn’t have to be complex, just a little light head touching/hair-messing-with will put her into a near-meditative state.

2. Get your dessert to-go at the restaurant so the two of you can eat it at home while watching a movie/your favorite TV show.

3. Instead of just asking her where she wants to go for dinner — because you know that she loves when you put in the effort to choose, but is really picky when it comes to what she wants — give her three options that you want to go to (including one or two you haven’t tried before, if possible). It’s the best of both worlds.

4. If you spend the night at her place (or even if you share the place) make the bed while she’s in the shower or getting ready.

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Watch Conan O’Brien Announce Robin Williams’ Death to a Stunned Audience

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Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien had almost wrapped up his Monday night show when news broke that his friend and fellow comic Robin Williams had died.

A visibly stunned O’Brien then told the hushed studio audience, apologizing to them for having to do so. Co-host Andy Richter and guest Will Arnett appeared shocked.

“This is absolutely shocking and horrifying and so upsetting on every level,” said O’Brien. “We’re at the end of the show and it felt like it needed to be acknowledged.”

Arnett went on to poignantly reminisce on the kindness Williams had always shown to friends and colleagues.

“He was even better as a person,” said Arnett. “He was one of the loveliest and sweetest and kindest guys I’ve ever worked with.”

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Hello, Simpsons World. Goodbye, the Rest of Your Life.

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Years ago, when I named The Simpsonsthe best TV show of the 20th century for TIME magazine, one of the reasons that I gave was its depth; it had a vast canvas and dozens, nay hundreds, of characters well-drawn enough to potentially carry a story. It “created worlds within worlds,” I wrote–and this October, it’s going to become a world.

Simpsons World, to be exact: the digital platform, unveiled for TV reporters in Los Angeles yesterday, that FXX network will use to take maximum advantage of acquiring the entire 25-season run of The Simpsons. Accessible on the web and through apps (you also need service from a participating cable provider), it will allow you to watch any Simpsons episode you want, any time.

So there are several years of your life gone right there. But there’s more. You’ll be able to search for episodes by themes…

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38 Cases Down… 28 More to Go.

Well, as of 9:30 pm yesterday, I had finished my first law school exam. It was absolutely crazy intense. The teacher had said that there are services for us afterwards if we were stressed and needed to see a counselor… I had thought she was joking. How wrong I was. I literally walked out of the testing room feeling so defeated while on the verge of tears.

I ended up coming home, dropping my backpack with my laptop on the ground (not a smart move…) and cried in my mom’s arms.

Needless to say, I’m going to spend all night studying.

A Deeper Side

Despite that it’s 1 am, with a glass of wine that had lasted me roughly about 4 hours, a final looming over my head in 16 hours, and that I have access to the internet, my itunes, and netflix… I still have yet to get Caro outta my damn mind. (Maybe to come out and tell her or send her this? Alcohol must be talking.)

But I had a thought before the wine hit… What have I become? I’ve based my writing off of obsessions like Sally, Dr. Rabbit, Shawn, more Dr. Rabbit and now Caro in the span of 2 years. Sure, I’ll always say something about Caro now but what happens when I do come out and tell her how I feel and she realizes that it’s not worth having someone always liking you texting you when you have no obligation to see them ever again, and so you stop. Will I be devastated? Maybe. Will I meet someone new and start to fixate over them? I hope not- I’m tired of the merry-go-round of emotions, and actually want to settle into a relationship…

So why do we do this to ourselves? Fall in love (or develop deep meaningful crushes), I mean. All it really does is give the illusion of a happy ending, lust filled or attraction charged, scenario that was heavily influenced by Disney, Hollywood sources, or even back in ancient philosophy with Plato’s Symposium with the infamous quote:

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”  -Plato’s Symposium

What makes the connection between two (or more if polyamory is up your alley) people something we really feel the need to strive for? Sure, I’m a total hopeless romantic… but why? Do we naturally come out of the womb with an innate desire to cuddle with someone, watch feminist movies or The L Word on a marathon mode?

Some can argue that it’s biology and our innate need to reproduce and and create life, but then that doesn’t explain homosexuality since its just sex and not reproduction. It could be that psychologically we have the need to feel desired so our brain is tricked into releasing chemicals to make us feel elated…

I could go on forever since theres seemingly too many explanations…